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Most Frequently Asked:

Are you still taking on new clients?

Yes, we're currently accepting new clients. Our projects range in size from 200 units to 10,000 units of vinyl.

What is your turnaround time?
Based on our current sales queue, we're predicting projects placed today will be ready in ~12 weeks. This is expected to come down to 10 weeks shortly, with the successful installation of our additional pressing machines!

What formats do you press?
Do you press your records in-house?
What types of projects have you worked on?  
What inspired your name?
Can I host an event at Gold Rush?
Do you offer tours to vinyl fans?
Are you hiring?
Do you offer quantity price breaks?
Do you have quantity minimums or maximums?
Do you have a rate card?
What are your turnaround times?
What are your payment terms?
What forms of payment do you accept?
What file formats do you need?
Do you need individual tracks or can I send you Side A and Side B files?
Do you handle mastering?
Can I send you lacquers?
Do you have templates for artwork?
Can you accept art that was formatted on another company’s templates?
What file format should I send it in?
Can I provide my own packaging?
Do you provide download cards?