Our Creative Studio

Even with a focus on flawless production, vinyl record pressing creates inherent waste across the globe -- sometimes as high as 30% per production run! 

To help combat the waste in our industry, we started our own Creative Studio, where our in-house artists make recycled vinyl merchandise and art installations from damaged records and vinyl scraps. We also offer our waste materials to members of the community so they can use it for personal and commercial efforts, like through the City of Austin's [Re]Verse Pitch Competition.

Contact us to become a partner in this upcycling initiative, or read more below.

Recycled Vinyl Goods

Recycled vinyl flowers from our Merch Shop

What started with a Valentine's Day experiment to make vinyl bouquets turned into a year-long effort bringing our colorful "forever flowers" to music-lovers.

Our recycled product list is always expanding. Check out some examples below and shop in our Merch Store.

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Community Swap

Have a need for vinyl? Want to get rid of your damage records?
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