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Most Innovative Companies of 2020#6 in Music

“For revolutionizing vinyl production by making records three times faster than the industry average… think of it as the Tesla system for record pressing.”


It's the wild, wild west...

In today's music industry, the old rules no longer apply. It’s never been easier for musicians to create, record and independently distribute their work... but with artists earning fractions of a penny off each digital stream, selling merch like vinyl has become more important than ever.

Our founder, Caren, saw this from her work managing bands and leading music partnerships at Google. In both roles, she saw how critical vinyl was becoming to the music industry.

She also discovered how hard it was to get it made. When ordering vinyl, Caren and her artists had to wait nearly eight months to get final product delivered, only to receive poorly-made records. This kept fans from getting the vinyl they craved and prevented artists from earning important revenue, especially on tours.

That’s why we built Gold Rush Vinyl, a new pressing plant in Austin, Texas. Launched in 2018, Gold Rush Vinyl has now pressed hundreds of thousands of records for arena headliners, GRAMMY-winners, lifelong musicians, young DIY artists and even a Super Bowl commercial.

By taking a fresh look at an old industry, we've implemented more efficient manufacturing processes into our factory, as well as green initiatives to lower our energy use and waste. We offer our clients options to use more recycled goods in their products and also upcycle our scraps, working with local artists and businesses to find new uses for them.

Whether you’re looking to press 100 or 10,000 copies of your record, we’re here to help you get records that you and your fans will be excited about.

High Quality

When you've put so much heart and soul into making an album, your end product (vinyl!) should reflect that. That's why we're obsessed with quality. Of the hundreds of thousands of records that have left our factory, less than 00.5% have been returned for quality review. When there is an issue, we work to resolve it quickly so fans get records they are excited about.

American made

We are proud to be a woman-owned American manufacturing company. Our small-but-mighty team of 10 people make all of our records in Texas. Each record pressed at Gold Rush Vinyl is hand-inspected by our dedicated team.

Customer focused

We are a team of musicians and music-fans ourselves, who have all been on the receiving end of bad vinyl pressings. In everything we do, we try to make the vinyl pressing experience as easy and rewarding as possible. While we don't always get it right, we do believe in always doing right by the customer and encourage real-time feedback.

Questions about how it all works? Check out our FAQs.