Get the best of what's pressed,
straight out of Austin, TX!

Fast Company

We have the best job in the world: making incredible new records...
and it's only fair that we share what we're hearing!

That's why we started
the Gold Rush Vinyl Club.

Get two (2) new vinyl records each month for $28 (plus S&H).

Each album is picked by our team here in Austin, Texas.

We feature up-and-coming artists we've worked with that you need to hear.

So, jump in, and discover new artists and amazing albums worth spinning!


(U.S. only for time being -- sorry, international fans!)

Read on to see how it works.

How It Works

  • The team at Gold Rush Vinyl picks the records that go in your subscription box, each one hand-selected and -inspected by our team in Austin. Each month you'll receive a featured release and one that is closer to your genre preferences.
  • Join the Club by the 10th of any month to get that month's shipment (ex: if you sign-up on January 9th you receive January's records as your first mailing; if you sign-up on January 10th, you will receive February's records).
  • Orders ship on or around the 15th of each month and are sent by USPS. Please note: with COVID-19, we're occasionally experiencing some shipping delays.
  • Your first month's payment will be charged upon order. Every month thereafter, you'll be charged on the 1st of the month.
  • You can cancel at anytime. Cancellations for any month must be received before the 10th of the month, which is our cutoff time for packing orders.